I've sent Jim on holiday. After a year of keeping up with my script tweaks and extra strips I thought he could do with time to work on the buffer. And work on a project so secret we'd half to kill you if we told you. Honestly, even I don't know.

Today's guest strip is by Paul Salvi. You may remember Paul from his previous guest strip, his own web comic or the guest spot he did on The Gutters.

Anyone else getting a slight hint of foreshadowing in the plot?

Those of you wondering why surprise guest in the last panel is eating Chilli Doritos may want to check out this link.

Another guest in a fortnight.

As always keep an eye on Jim's blog for preview images. 
We're on the lookout for a Web Manager and a Youtube Editor. 

Further details to be found here.
Ever wondered what the Target covers would like for New Who novelisations?
Wonder no more and click the link.... 



The Great Costume Debacle concludes and brings to an end the first year of In Print.
We'd love to hear what you thought of it at inprint@doctor.com

In the mean time we have a few guest strips lined up whilst Jim works on something special...