It's our resident E-comic with art by Jesse Lax and words from Alasdair Shaw.
The Prelude can be found here:

Have a read before the first Thread is published.

You can find some Threads based Wallpapers by Jesse here: 
Actually this is from a few weeks back.
We forgot to update the site afterwards....
There are two new Book Clubs up on the DWRS site.

Sean and Erik discuss the Dark Path and then Time's Crucible.

Happy listening and apologies for not posting the Club last month!
In Print Strip finally up after some server issues this morning.
Doctors 1-9 welcome 10 into their own private matrix.
Jesse has added the 10th Doctor to our wallpaper collection.

As well as a couple of surprises. Why not go and have a look?
And this week we finally explain why there are several Doctors in the TARDIS.

Ten as it happens....
In which Christopher attempts to categorise Who collectors into their respective niches.