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Is out now.
It's in our little shop as of now.

Update: It has been withdrawn. Apparently it was released in error and we should see it again in June.
The DWRS is pleased to welcome Jacopo Camagni aboard as it's newest contributor.
Jacopo is a professional comic book artist and Doctor Who fan.
In the coming months he'll producing covers for our proposed Collections.

Welcome aboard Jacopo!

You'll find his Gallery here.



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2011 is promising to be a big year for the DWRS already. 
In the next month we'll be re-doing our Little Shop and making it THE place to hunt for old Who books. We'll be posting an interview with a prominant Who author within the next week. There are also plans afoot to move us to our own webpage.
The coming months will also see the Print on Demand of several EDAs and, all going well, the unveiling of the official artist for the DWRS.

Keep watching this space!