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The reprints are now due on the 31st of August 2011.

No information on why at this point.

More news as we get it.
There are a six Target books being reprinted this July. With introductions from noted writers with connections to the series.

Doctor Who and the Daleks – by David Whitaker (Introduction by Neil Gaiman)

Doctor Who and the  Crusaders – by David Whitaker (Introduction by Charlie Higson)

Doctor Who and the Cybermen – by Gerry Davis (Introduction by Gareth Roberts)

Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowmen – by Terrance Dicks (Introduction by Stephen Baxter)

Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion – by Terrance Dicks (Introduction by Russell T. Davies)

Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters – by Malcolm Hulke (Introduction by Terrance Dicks)

At this point we don't know if they'll be straight releases or Print on Demand. More news as we get it!

An observant Society member has found a selection of out of print books on WH Smith's website.The Sleep of Reason, Algebra of Ice, Set Piece, Infinite Requiem, The Time Travellers, Timewyrm:Revelation, Timewyrm: Apocolypse, Tomorrow Windows and Synthespians.
Leave a comment if you find any others in there.
the first issue of IDW's reprint series DOCTOR WHO CLASSICS: THE SEVENTH DOCTOR will arrive in US comic book shops this Wednesday, the 9th. IDW has been doing a great job with the series but sales for the first few issues will determine the future of the reprints. Each issue purchased is a vote to keep reprinting. So, please, if you've the opportunity and funds, pick it up.
There isn't going to be any.

At least that's the news that the DWRS received yesterday. The reprints in question will just go live on the sites providing them. We're hopeful that this may be subject to change.

Late last year Society members noticed Bunker Soldiers on sale as an Ebook with several interested put off purchasing as they were unsure if it was a legal copy. The DWRS was able to get word from BBC Books that it was.

So we need to keep being vigilant. As soon as you seen any of the older books being released please contact us so we can let as many fans know as we can.

In the meantime you can read what our own Matthew Kresal has to say about the matter here.