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Just created Book Watch. Who hunters of the country unite!
We are now officially a Society. 4 members strong.
Hoping to increase that number significantly soon.




We appear to have a link on the Valeyard page of Wikipedia.
Right, that's pretty much all the collections up and linked.
Progress is slow on the Justin Richards side of things. May have to abandon that particular collection.
Membership forms have been up for the last few days, but no movement at all regarding members. Yet page views remains between mid 30s and 40s.
Right, that's most of the pages up and linked.
I switched War of the Daleks for the Taking of Planet 5 on suggestion. Still need to reload the book image for that though.
I still need to upload pictures for the Gary Russell page and I'd like to put together a Justin Richards page together as well.
What ones of his would people want?
That's the Eighth Doctor and Valeyard pages up.
Also done the templates for the last three collections, so should hopefully have them finished at some point tomorrow.
So all going well I should be able to get the feedback forms out on site some point on Saturday.
My target will be to get that done before the Doctor comes on the telly.
Wednesdays are always going to be slow days as my work dictates I work in a location with very limited internet access.
But I don't like the idea of letting a day go by without adding something to the site.
So let's put a question out there: What do people want to see in an 8th Doctor collection?
I figure it should start with The Eight Doctors, but what else should be in there?
That's the page up for the Lance Parkin Collection.
Maybe a few too many in there. Tempted to lose Cold Fusion and Infinity Doctors as they appear elsewhere. 
That's another page added. 
Not so happy with this one, the book covers are not great quality.
I shall correct that later on this evening.
I should have started doing this sooner.
Anyway, until I get the feedback forms up and running this will allow any visitors (that would be you) to leave feedback.
Enjoy the site and let me know what you think.