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We got a really positive review from Adi Tantimedh on his Look! It Moves! column over on Bleeding Cool News.

Adi has been really supportive of the project even before this article was published.
Bleeding Cool is worth checking out on a regular basis for general Who news and scoops.

Thanks again, Adi.
I'm closing off the Justin Richards poll at the end of today.
As the results stand the collection will include:

Sands of Time
The Burning
Dreams of Empire
Grave Matter

Given the numbers thus far I don't expect that to change significantly (or at all) before the end of the day.
I apologise in advance, but I'm going to need to start collecting Emails off of members.
I need a way of confirming people are real after I got multiple applications from a single IP address claiming to be from different locations.

So, if you joined before the 8th of July 2010 can I ask you to resubmit your joining information?
Thanks and Sorry.

On a plus side, I'm going to try and start doing things like giving members Email news earlier than I post it on the website and try and work in the occasional cool extra.

Watch this space.