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A DW reprint of a different sort. Time Leech by Christian Cawley of and various artists is now available as an actual books after only existing digitally for years. If you haven't read it yet go and buy a copy, it's a stonking read!!
Being a voice for our members has always been the most important thing to the DWRS and our members have made their thoughts heard in regards to which collections they'd like to see as collections.

As such we've added three new collections to our wish list: 20th Century Exile, The Sixth Doctor Adventures and The Mark Gatiss collection.

Details for each collection can be found here: 
One of our resident artists, Jacopo Camagni, has created what we think is a gorgeous cover for the collection of books that would be 'The First Great Time War'.

You can see what Jacopo came up with here: 
And details of what the collection would contain here: 

Now to start trying to obtain all the required permissions from authors and the BB
Why not? After all it's easy to forget in amongst all this talk of a forthcoming movie that we've had one before.

Three if you count the Cushing efforts.

So, would you like to see Paul McGann up on the Silver Screen?
The Lance Parkin Reprints are now available from Amazon. As it happens so are the Kate Orman reprints. Quite a bit ahead of schedule, but lets not complain.

You can order from Amazon using our Little Shop.
Over at the Doctor Who Facebook page they're looking for help in choosing the next round of Target Reprints.

Options include Doctor Who and the Zarbi, Doctor Who and the Day of the Daleks, Doctor Who and the Ice Warriors, Doctor Who and the Tenth Planet, Doctor Who and the Web of Fear, Doctor Who and the Curse of Peladon and Doctor Who and the Ark in Space.

Well it's not due out yet, but Seeing I has started to arrive on doorsteps.

Given that this might be a mistake we'd still suggest ordering your copy right now in case it's withdrawn suddenly!
The Doctor Who Reprint Society is now on WhoNews.

So, a big hello to everyone out there in WhoNews land!
Word is filtering back that the delays may be due to supply being unable to keep up with demand.

Good job, people!
Word has come in from several of our members that Amazon have Emailed them to say that Seeing I by Kate Orman and Jon Blum has been dispatched to them.

Further checking of the Amazon Website has revealed that not only is Seeing I in stock, but there are only 7 copies left.

This may be a mistake, so we'd suggest ordering your copy now!

We're awaiting word back from Kate Orman and/or Jon Blum regarding this development.