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Whilst Ebury Publishing is sorting out the glitch with other online ordering system the DWRS has been informed that the reprints can be ordered from Rbooks.

So, what are you waiting for?
9/6/2011 15:51:09

Just received an e-mail from Amazon informing me that their estimated arrival date for Kate Orman's "Blue Box" reprint has been postponed to November 07 2011 - November 08 2011.
As for "The Year Of Intelligent Tigers", "The Gallifrey Chronicles", "Seeing I", "Unnatural History" & "So Vile A Sin" (all previously announced to be published 31 August), Amazon only informed me that tehy have "problems in receiving sufficient quantities from the publishers" - whatever that means...

9/6/2011 19:33:34

"problems in receiving sufficient quantities from the publishers"
Sounds like they can't handle the demand. :D
Well, that's what I'm hoping anyway, if they're selling more then they thought they would then that means they might turn their attention to the hard to get books. Why or why couldn't they get Lungbarrow (and anything else that normally sells for silly money) printed first? :(

9/7/2011 15:06:27

Well, I've received some kind of update from Amazon, yesterday. It's only regarding the estimated arrival date for "Seeing I". Yet, it's a surprisingly soon "September 10 - September 12 2011".
Let's keep our fingers crossed that this information is reliable, because that would mean the other books should arrive soon, as well.

4/24/2012 11:47:15

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7/11/2012 13:27:18

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