Meet the Team. -
When it started the DWRS was just me, but in recent months and weeks it's grown and taken on board several new faces to help with the running.

Jesse Lax has been helping for quite a while now. Initially he came on board to offer some help with our logo, but since then has refused to stop working on designs for the site. Therefore it's my great pleasure to welcome Jesse officially onto the team. I'm pretty excited about the new themes Jesse has been working on for the site.

Greig Byrne has been loitering on the edges of the DWRS for some months, but in the last few weeks has come fully into the fold. Greig will be doing some IT management for us as well as working his way through the Doctor Who books, starting with the New Adventures, and letting us know what he thinks. You  may have read Greig's work before in the sports section of the Herald

Hector van Bismark has chosen to involve himself in the site and has promised us some interesting content to follow in the coming months.
We remain as curious as you do...

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